At the heart of Tatai River lies this charming and mystical haven. The beautiful gifts of Nature surrounding our peaceful location inspired us to build these unique overwater bungalows. Tatai Riverfront is the birth of inspiration brought upon by Cambodia’s untouched beauty. 

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We are a Cambodian Family who built and designed this Eco Resort in Tatai, Koh Kong Province.  We intend to provide consciousness that in a place distant from advancement and technology, going back to basics is one way to appreciate yourself, your loved ones, and life. We wish to offer a relaxing feel, setting your mind and body stress-free from the hustle and bustle of city living.
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Tatai Riverfront is situated at a small peninsula landform, literally amidst the jungle. You will be captivated by the simple pleasures that this little enchanting place has to offer - the serenity of the Tatai River, amazing early morning swim, the mouthwatering freshly prepared meals, the cool breeze of air while watching the extraordinary view of the Cardamom Mountain, the stellar night sky, and a very laid back cabin.
Time pass so slow at this part of the world, all the more reason to enjoy Nature to its purest at its best!

The uniqueness of our Environment and Culture Orientated Resort is highlighted not only by the local materials we used to build it but also by the local people who operates this place - our Family. Tatai Riverfront aims to gather the participation of neighboring locals and community organizations as well. We only hire local people and use only local organic produce. We believe that going local is the way to truly showcase a total Cambodia experience!

We are privileged to be on the pristine Tatai River and facing the magnificent Cardamom Mountains, which is one of the largest and still mostly unexplored forests in Southeast Asia. Without endangering the natural resource, the sustainability concept supports the well-being of the ECO resort necessities having an environmental impact at its minimum. This concept enables human and nature to co-exist harmoniously. Building Tatai Riverfront is a commitment which allows us to perform our social, economic and environmental responsibility for the current and next generations. We find sustainability of great significance in our duty to safeguard what we have and will continue to have;  the water, natural materials, and resources in order to preserve and conserve human health and our natural habitat.
We look forward to hosting your GREEN getaway at our humble abode. The opportunity to be ONE with Nature awaits you!
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